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March 3 , 2001
New SFA2 Save

I finally captured a save of the biggest (and coolest) glitch in Street Fighter Alpha 2. Go check it out!

Also, we are now on that sidebar on Retrogames. It's so fun being hosted :D

Old Stuff, New Stuff, Gold Stuff, Blue Stuff :D
Sorry about the lack of updates in the last few days, I have been busy with SAT's, school, and appearances in court. Anyways, I have updated the site with some new saves.

Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo
Aliens Vs. Predator
Xmen - Children of the Atom
Street Fighter Alpha 2

: Over the last few days, I have recieved about 300 emails with save states. There was a lot of junk, but also for every good new save I found, there were a bunch of people who sent the exact same state (and I mean file name/frame in game even). The bad thing is that most of them said that THEY made it, which cant be true except for one of them. So for the states that I know who made, I gave props. But for the ones I'm not sure of, they will probably be left blank. I'm still greatful to everyone that sent one, but come on guys, if you are sending a state someone else made, dont try to take credit for it; that's wack. Also, if you see a state that you know you DID make, and it has someone elses name on it, it is more than likely because that someone else was the the first to send that type of state. Sorry to go on like this, but I just dont want to have a site cluttered up with names.

February 25, 2001
We are now on the same servers as CPS2Shock themselves, RETROGAMES!
Anyways, thanks to Atila, Opi, Dhalamar, and the rest of the crew over at retrogames.
New SFA Save

Thanks to B-IZM for this new Street Fighter Alpha save.

2 New SFA2 Saves

Some saves have been added for Street Fighter Alpha 2...

Go check em out!

February 24, 2001
New Saves Added

Saves in the following sections have been added:

Xmen - Children of the Atom
Street Fighter Zero/Alpha
Street Fighter Zero/Alpha 2 (Shin Akuma!!!)
Vampire Savior


February 23, 2001
Site Upgraded

Well, the site has been upgraded to that of a real website. With links and multiple pages and this and that and etc. Umm... Contact/Donate-A-State aren't up yet, and I still need save states for a good amount of games.


Wait... Can't get states... from people... without... Donate-A-Sa.. um...

OK... If ya want to send me some saves, just zip and attach them to an email and send it to me. Yeah... Ok... that works :D

February 22, 2001
Site Launch

Welcome to Fablow! (!) I hope for this to be the best site for Final Burn Save States, as I will try to include everygame released (Non CPS2 games are WIP, trying to figure out what people want saved :P). This is actually Just a beta site, the actual full out site will be launched in a day or so. I will also soon have up the Donate-A-State page, which is pretty much a way for people to submit states to the site.

Email me with question, comments, suggestions, or of course states if you wish.